Here are some reviews of Mental Health Wisdom:

04/05/19 by Dave, received by email:

This book is a serious, yet light hearted, look at anxiety and depression from someone who has battled with this throughout his life.

The author describes how depression, an invisible illness, has impacted upon his life as a young person into adulthood and the importance of having developed a range of strategies for himself, and importantly those supporting him, to manage the highs and lows this often devastating illness presents.

This is an easy and often humorous read into a subject that impacts on far more of the population that we generally realise or are aware of.

I would highly recommend ‘Mental Health Wisdom’ by Anthony Simpson, to anyone who is struggling to come to terms with life and to see you are not alone, and that the author presents many real life strategies to help you manage feelings of negativity in a positive way.

This book is also a must read for those supporting someone suffering this illness and to help the ‘victim’ better understand there is light at the end of the tunnel and as Anthony describes;

‘these negative feelings are temporary’ and ‘a moment in time’.

I hope this book is helpful to you.

03/05/19 by Kay, on Amazon:

Very informative, useful and helpful read, would highly recommend, very reasonable price also.

02/05/19 by Foster, on Amazon:

This is a perfect starting point for anyone that wants to get clued up on mental health. It goes through the many different mental health illnesses, symptoms and has so much invaluable knowledge and wisdom embedded in it. It then goes on to list some tips on how to manage and look after your mental health and well- being.

08/04/19 by Amazon Customer, on Amazon:

The book was incisive and educational, it was plain the author had a good understanding of the different stages and problems concerning people with mental health issues.