Book Contents

Here’s the contents of the book:

Forward & Emergency Help

Part 1 – Understanding
Mechanics of the Mind
What Causes Mental Illness?
General Statistics for Mental Health in the UK
A List of Famous People who have Experienced Mental Illness
Young People
15 Lies Depression Would Have You Believe
Assessment & Diagnosis
A List of Common Conditions
Treatments & Recovery
The Drama Triangle
The Cycle of Life
The Secrets to Self-Awareness
A List of Useful Resources

Part 2 – Empathy Through Lived Experience
I’ve Been One of the 1 in 4
The Death of Robin Williams
The Impact of Mental Illness on the Individual, Family & Friends
The End of the World
Rumination & Critical Inner Voice
Transactional Analysis: One Way to Influence Others
Severe Clinical Depression?
My Life Hiatus – Inpatient Admission
My Mood Swing Table
Signs that Someone is Struggling
My Mental Health & Illness Playlist
The Different Roles within the Mental Health Team
The ‘S’ Word
Poem: Sometimes High, Sometimes Low
Terrible Tolerance and Waiting
A Tale of Overcoming Adversity
Inspirational Quotes About Mental Health

Part 3 – Life Hacks
The Well of Resilience
10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental Health
Tips to Help You Deal with Worry and Anxiety
22 Great Ways to Relax
9 Reasons to Keep a Gratitude Journal
Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep
How to Deal with Difficult Emotions
Strengths-Based Decision-Making Model
A List of Distraction Activities
The Double Spirals of Selflessness and Selfishness
Daily Mood Diary
How to Support Someone with Mental Illness
How to Be Kinder
Things to Look Forward To

Redefining Mental Health